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Idaho Express Covers In The Liechtenstein's Collection
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Idaho Express Covers In The Liechtenstein's Collection
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Sheppard Copper & Cos. Powder and Boise Express. Manuscript
M. Feetis, Oro Fino Express. Cancelled Lewiston
Humbolt Express Co. Boise Mines. Wells Fargo.
Hunt & Hart.
Baird Bros. Warren, Florence & Elk City Express.
Halliday Express. Cancelled Idiaho City.
Haggard & Dennees Ex. Salmon River and Nez Perces Exp.
Mossmans Express.
Mossman & Miller Express.
Martins Spokane Falls & Wardner Stage Line & Express.
D.C. Pattersons Boise and Salt Lake Express
Rockfellow Express. Cancelled Bannock City.
J.C. Ramey & Co. Express. Cancelled Lewiston.
Wells Fargo Ex.To Salmon River & Nez Perces Mines.
Wells Fargo Ex. Kooteni Express South Boise Mines.
Wells Fargo Ex. Idaho Cancellations.
Waldrons Kootani Ex.
Waldrons & Cos. Blackfoot Express
Spokane and Salmon River Transportation Co.
Sheppards Loon Creek Express.
Loons Creek Express.
Jones & Edgars Owyhee Express.
Edgar & Burkes Owyhee Express.
Tracys Express, Boise Mines.
Tracys Express, Nez Perces. Cancelled Pierce City.
Tracys Express, Salmon River.
Sheperds Express, over Tracy & Co. (Proof)
South Boise Express. Wells Fargo. Boise Mines.
Northern Pacific Express. Idaho Cancellations?
Gilmer & Salisbury. Idaho Cancellations?
Buchanan & Cos. Express. over our Dalles & Canyon City Route, to Ida City

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