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Bamber Express, CC
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Bamber Express, CC
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TYPE X.       Double lined rectangular frame,65 x 17 m. Five line inscription: DAILY LINE OF STAGES; Carrying Bamber & Co's Express; Leaves Moore's Landing for Bantas, San Joaquin City, Graysonville, and Hill's Ferry; JNO. S. PERKINS, PROPRIETOR.
Color black.

Black on 3c. rose - white - 3 - Die 26 - 164f (Head I)
   "       "         buff  "       "     " 165 (Head I v.45)
   "       "         buff  "       "     " 170
   "       "         amber   171A.
-:NOTE:- Various reprints of all these franks are found on nearly all sizes and values of envelopes previous to the Plimpton Issue.
They have also been counterfieited. Mekell's Compl. Cat. 1895

In the American Journal of Philately,April 1889, there are three other types given, i.e.
1) Inscription in narrow scroll;PAID BAMBER & CO'S EXPRESS
2) Same as V but without ornaments at end.

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