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Bannack City Express, Letter, July 6, 1932 About Covers
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Bannack City Express, Letter, July 6, 1932 About Covers
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Answered July 11/32

July 6, 1932

Bannock City Mines to Salt Lake
(???) * 28

Dr. Victor Berthold
c/o Collectors Club
New York City, N Y

Dear Sir:

I am the proud possessor of about a dozen covers mailed from Montana Territory in 1864 and 1865, some of which bear the name of the Bannack City Express Company.

Some time ago Mr. Adolph Fennel, Editor of the A.P.S., looked over my collection and has since been trying to persuade me to write an article for the mabazine on these covers. He has just written me that he felt sure you would be able to supply some additional information which might be included in such an article.

I am frank to state that I have very little information in regard to the Bannack City Express Company, and thought it might be possible that you couls supply something about the history of this company, when it was organized, when it was discontinued and the points it covered - if other than the route from Great Salt Lake City to Bannack City.

I am attaching to this letter a description of two of the covers in my collection which will give you an idea of what these covers look like, if they are not familiar to you.

I assure you that I will greatly appreciate your giving me any information in your possession, as I would like to accommodate Mr. Fennel in getting up an article on this subject.


Oliver H. Wolcott

Oliver H. Wolcott
R. D. #2
Coplay, Ohio

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