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Beekman's Express, Notes and Hand Stamps
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Beekman's Express, Notes and Hand Stamps
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Headquarters at Jacksonville, Oregon

Hand stamp.   I   Single lined oval, 41 x 27m.
Three line inscription BEEKMAN'S - EXPRESS - JACKSONVILLE O. T.
Color red. With and as short "PAID" in oval 13 x 23 also red.
Printed Frank.                 (???)
Wood cut.   II   Fancy ribbon scroll with three line inscription. PAID in upper left-hand corner; BEEKMAN'S EXPRESS slants upwards through center; last S of EXPRESS appears in the under fold of ribbon. Below to right, in small letters, JACKSONVILLE OREGON. Color Black

Under the center of the frank in very small type, BUTLER S.F.

Red on plain buff envelope
Red on 1853 - 3¢ red, white - 3 - 5a(E2) 20m, h

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