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Berford & Co., Notes On Express
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Berford & Co., Notes On Express
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Berford & Co. 1849 - 50     # 20 MS

Daily connections with San Jose
p.19. In Sep. 1850 Beford's Expr. entered the N.Y. trade on an extensive scale and for a while did a large business. A year or so later B.E. instituted the pre-payment of letters and packages to "any Section" of San Francisco. This was accomplished by letter stamps which were affixed to the article. The Alta of Nov. 8, 1851 describes the stamp that was used as "blue" and "having a picture of Mercury on it". This was another inovation in the development of the Cal. Exp. Service.

(???) (???) of Cal. V vii. p.150 "Berford & Co maintained a daily connection with San José".

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