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Adams Express - Notes On Express
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Adams Express - Notes On Express
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D. H. Haskell arrived in San Francisco Oct 31, 1849

At first Adams & Co did not extend new routes beyond Sacramento & Stockton, connecting at Sacramento with Freeman & Co's Express which had routes from there to the Northern mines and connecting at Stockton with Newell & Co who had offices in the camps of the Southern mines.
Subsquently the firms of Freeman & Co and Newell & Co were bought out, and Adams & Co had their offices and agents in all the towns of any note in California so that in 1853 they were unquestionably the leading business house of the State.
In May 1854 the Western branch of A & was converted into a joint (???) Company with D. H. Haskell and I. C. Woods as general partners and Alvin Adams as a special partner.
On Feb'y 23 1855 the approaching mis in financial orders came to a climax in S. F and Adams & Co were forced to close their doors.

Adv. Stockton Times Nov. 12 8, 1851 stated that both the Freeman Exp and Newell & Co have been absorbed by the Adams Exp Co and will conduct business as Adams & Co Expr. This Adv is signed Newell & Co Agents Stockton & So Miness
Freeman & Co Agents for Sacramento & No. Mines

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