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Alaska Pacific Express, Co Circular About Franks, March 18, 1898
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Alaska Pacific Express, Co Circular About Franks, March 18, 1898
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Alaska Pacific Express Company.


Portland, Or., March 18th, 1898.

Circular No. 11.


              Owing to the irregular and very unsatisfactory mail service between Portland, Sound Cities and Alaska Ports, we have been frequently importuned to carry letters by express. These demands having become so urgent, and being in a position to give the public much better service than is at present afforded by the ordinary mail, we have decided to inaugurate franked letter service. Having complied with the regulations and requirements of the United States Goverment, we are now prepared to carry letters by express when enclosed in one of our franked envelops, over all coastwise routes operated by this Company.

              These goverment stamped envelopes are for the transmission by express of letters or papers of no particular value only. Patrons using them must not do so for the purpose of forwarding money or valubles, as it must be understood that this Company does not assume any liability for loss of such letters. We shall always use our best endeavors to forward promptly and deliver carefully any and all such letters, but we do not guarantee safe delivery. If a letter is destined to a point beyond or off our line, it will be carried to the point on our route nearest destination and there deposited in the Post Office.

              The cost of these envelopes will be TEN CENTS each, in any quantity, and will be found on sale at any and all offices of this Company.

              NOTE: It is understaood at the present time we are not prepared to carry such letters to the interior points in Alaska; but simply to coast offices. Later on, when regular through service is estabished to Dawson, Circle City, etc., we will then name rates for carrying letters through to all points on the Yukon.

M. G. HALL,                          
General Manager.

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