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American Express, Notes On Frank
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American Express, Notes On Frank
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(Same frank as NICHOLS & CO'S EXPRESS)

Printed Frank: A complete picture. To left a river with sailboat and steamer. In center a large safe with dog holding key. To right a bridge spanning a river; railroad train on bridge. Color Black or Yellow
Width of picture 77m. Above picture in heavy black type "AMERICAN EXPRESS." Under the picture PAID. the word without a Period.

                                           Period after PAID. a - Plain buff envelope
           II b Black on 1853 3¢ red - buff - 3 - 5E - 15C
PAID.                      "     "    3¢ red white - 3 - 5a E2 - 20d
                                 "      "   3¢ red    buff - 3 - 5a E2 - 21d, 21a (Redwood City - red)
                Yellow on 1853 3¢ red    buff - 3 - 5a E2 - 21d - cut sq. only.

NOTE: - Nichols & Co. The San Francisco Directory of 1858 contains the following:

"California and Oregon Express, Daily to San Mateo, Belmont, Redmond City, Santa Clara, and San Jose; and semi-monthly express to Oregon and Washington Territories, in charge of regular messengers.(")

"Connect with Alta Express to Northern and Southern Mines; and Freeman & Co. to Atlantic States and Europe."

Nichols in due course gave way, I am informed, to the American Express Co. There is knwon a frank of this letter company (on yellow paper) cut out and pasted over a "Pacific Express Co." (horseman), from which it seems probable that the American Express Co. also absorbed the Pacific Company.

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