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Anthony & Co., Notes and Oval Hand Stamp
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Anthony & Co., Notes and Oval Hand Stamp
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March 1853

Hand stamp. In single lined oval meacuring 50 x 25 m. inscription in three lines; above ANTHONY & CO'S; in center PAID with arrow points to left and right; below NORTHERN EXPRESS. On plain white and buff envelopes.

Handstamp on
ord. buff envelope
used in S. Fr.

Black on plain, buff envelopes

Black on 1853     3¢ Red     Buff 5.3 Die 5a (E2) #21

Note: Anthony & Co connected with Berford Express of Sacramento for the northern mines.
Parker in letter of March 5/(?)7 reports: Earliest (???) I found of Anthony & Co is April 1, 1853 Route S Fr to (???), Sacram. Marysville, Nevada & No. Mines.
Parker writes: My first notes of Anthony & Cois of March 26, 1853.

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