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First Express In California Notes Page 1 of 3
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First Express In California Notes Page 1 of 3
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Historical Note
Bancroft Vol VII. History of Calif. p.150

The claim to the 1st Express in Calif. is made for C. L. Cady who announced a weekly service between S. Fr and Suller's Fort in the CALIFORNIAN July 24, 1847, but it was short lived Soule's Stat. Ms. 4. The first regular express is said to have been started by Ballou [Aavent Ms 1] for the southern mines, late in 1849, but Alex H. Todd shows in his Stat., in Miseel Stat Ms 21.8 that he began the business in July 1849 by regestering miners' names at $1.00 each, and going down to S. Fr. for their mail and charging as much as $4.00 for delivering letters or papers in the southern camps. (?)

T. R. Hawley (# 80) claims the first organized express, advertised in Oct. 1849 as Wold & Co (# 198) and changed some time after to Hawley & Co which combined (?) Dec. 1850 [Alta Cal. July 10, 1866]

Ballou writes that after himself about Dec. 1849 Upman, formerly a messenger for Harden, the pioneer express man of the U.S., started a line between Sacramento & S Fr. Both were absorbed by Adams & Co whose manger D. H. Haskell had arrived on Oct 31st to found a branch house

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