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First Express In California Notes Page 2 of 3
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First Express In California Notes Page 2 of 3
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Expresses operating in "Northern Cal. & Southern Oregon"

This section was prolific in Expresses. Nearly all the mail service of the population was conducted by private expresses from the (?)finding(?) of gold in 1848 up to about 1870 at which date the government had so improved and extended its service that with the exception of Wells Fargo & Co nearly all of the private concerns had ceased operation.

The converging centers of the northern expresses were SHASTA & Weaverville.
Some of the most interesting Expresses were
Rhodes & Lusk
Greenwood & Nenbaner
Cornwall's Express
Chase's Express
Honley & Brastow rarest frank
Hoffman's Expr
(???) & Sloan
(???) (???) & Co.
Crook's Exp
Tracy & Co.
Grant I Taggart
Dugan & Wall of Crecent City
H.B.P. F.F. & F. Sep. 1895

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