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Listing of the 1855 California Post Offices
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Listing of the 1855 California Post Offices
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1855 California Post Offices
from "Alta" Newspaper
Compliments of W. Parker Lyon, Owner Pony Express Museum,
Western Frank Collector

MASTERS IN CALIFORNIA, Jan 1st, 1855. [Corrected for the Alta California by the Postmaster of this city.]
Agua Frio, Mariposa county, B F Whittler.
Alameda, Alameda county, LS Ely.
Alamo, Contra Costa county, John M Jones.
Alvarado, Alameda county, H C Smith.
Angel's Camp, Calaveras county, J C Scribner.
Alviso, Santa Clara county, A Rathbone.
Auburn, Placer county, James Bonnen.
Belmont, San Francisco county, M Flashner.
Benicia, Solano county, James Miller.
Bidwell's Bar, Butte county, P. W. Worstrom.
Big Bar, Trinity county, Wm Coddington.
Big Oak Flat, Tuolumne county, Jas W Butler.
Bodega, Sonoma county, J M Miller.
Bucksport, Humboldt county.
Buckner, Sacramento county, Jas Buckner.
Cache Creek, Yolo county, A McDonald.
Campo Seco, Calaveras county, T M Pawling.
Crescent City, Klamath county, David Hover.
Charley's Rancho, Butte county, Fred Peaskes.
Cherokee, Butte county, --------------.
Camptonville, Yuba county, E T Brundage.
Cedarville, El Dorado county, Geo Thatcher.
Chico, Butte county, J Bidwell.
Columbia, Tuolumne county, A A Hunnewell
Colusa, Colusa county, Wm Vincent.
Cold Spring, El Doraado county, J M Gootschins.
Chinese Camp, Tuolumne county, M R Graham.
Contra Costa, Alameda county, Thos Gallagher.
Cosumne, Sacramento county, W D Wilson
Cottonwood, Shasta county, Wm Lane.
Coloma, El Dorado county, P L Weymer.
Cordelia, Solano county, P O Lamorie.
Curtisville, Tuolumne county, J M Root.
Diamond Springs, El Dorado county, C N Noteware.
Don Pedro's Bar, Tuolumne county, R Smith.
Double Springs, Calaveras county, Daniel Thompson.
Downieville, Sierra county, James Gernon.
Dry Town, Calaveras county, J G Sneath.
Elk Grove, Sacramento county, S W Hall.
Eureka, Humboldt county, H W Bean.
Elliott's Ranch, Sacramento county, Mr Elliott.
Fiddletown, El Dorado county, J B Witcomb.
Forbestown, Butte county, B W Williams.
Forest City, Sierra county, W Henry
Foreman's Ranch, San Joaquin county, S Foreman.
Fremont, Yolo county, W G Brown
French Camp, San Joaquin county, R W Noble.
Garden Varley, El Dorado county, Thomas McConnell.
Garrote, Tuolumne county, Cage Tucker.
Garden Valley, El Dorado county, S Stewart.
Georgiana, Sacramento county, J M Sidwell.
Georgetown, El Dorado county, T M Beed.
Gilroy, Santa Clara county, A C Everett.
Goodyear's Bar, Sierra county, A C Johnson.
Grafton, Yolo county, A Updegrph.
Grass Valley, Nevada county, E Mathewson.
Green Springs, Tuolumne county, James D Tabor.
Greenwood, El Dorado county, C C Brady.
Green Valley, El Dorado county, N Van Tassel.
Grand Island, Colusa county, Thomas Eddy.
Hamilton, Butte county, E M Burrows.
Horr's Ranch, Tuolumne county, D Dickinson.
Horse Town, Shasta county, George W Baker.
Haskell's Ranch, Sutter county, J Lefevre.
Illinoistown, Placer county, B Brickell.
Indian Diggings, El Dorado county, J W Gilbert.
Ione Valley, Calaveras county, H Alvord.
Iowa Hill, Placer county, J Colgan.
Jacksonville, Tuolumne county, George B Keyes.
Jackson. Calaveras county, Bruce Husband.
Jamestown, Tuolumne county, William Donovan.
Johnson's Ranch, Sutter county, W E O'Kear.
Junction, Yuba county, John T. Beener.
Kilna, Shasta county, William Potter.
Knight's Ferry, San Joaquin county, George M Dent.
Laguna Seca, Santa Clara county, George H Bell.
Lassen's, Butte county, W P Mathew.
Lagrange, Stanislaus county, L M Booth.
Lewiston, Trinity county, William Lewis.
Los Angeles, Los Angeles county, W B Osborn.
Marysville, Yuba county, W P Keyser.
Mariposa, Mariposa county, John F McNamara.
Marinez, Contra Costa county, O C Coffin.
Maxwell's Creek, Mariposa county, G W Coulter.
Michigan Bluffs, Placer county, S T Leet.
Mission San Jose, Santa Clara county, J J Vallejo.
Mount Ophir, Mariposa county. J H Miller.
Montezuma, Tuolumne county, J T Hoyte.
Millerton, San Joaquin county, E P Hart.
Monroeville, Colusa county, R H Pratt.
Monte, Los Angeles county.
Mountain View, Santa Clara county, Jacob Shumway.
Mokelumne Hill, Calaveras county, A W Goodwin.
Moon's Ranch, Colusa county, Geo Eastman.
Morman Island, Sacramento county, D A Kneass.
Monterey, Monterey county, A Randall.
Mud Springs, El Dorado county, H A Hendee.
McDermott's Bridge, Son Joaquin co, W F McDermott.
Murphy's Calaveras county, A H Stevens.
Napa City, Napa county, E B Eaton.
Nashville, El Dorado county, J P Thurston.
Nevada, Nevada county, R A Davidge.
Nicolaus, Sutter county, F A Russell.
North Branch, Calaveras county, Edward T. Lake.
Newton, El Dorado county, W Fisher.
Onesbo, Sacramento county, C F Howell.
Ophirville, Placer county, D B Curtis.
Oroville, Butte county, P S Garland.
Oregon House, Yuba county.
Ottitieway, Siskiyou county, Ceo H Coe.
O'Byrne's Ferry, Calaveras county, W E McCormack.
Park's Bar, Yuba county, E Y Gavor.
Placerville, El Dorado county, W D Williams.
Petaluma, Sonoma county, P S Garland.
Pilot Hill, El Dorado county, Silas Hays.
Puerte de los Reyes, Mendocino co, T L Andrews.
Putah, Solano county, Elijah Syloa.
Quartzburg, Mariposa county, Thomas Torn.
Russian River, Sonoma county, H G Heald.
Rattlesnake Bar, Placer county, Thos Wood.
Red Bluffs, Shasta county, Samuel M Bishop.
Ringgold, El Dorado county, J L Sargent.
Round Tent, Nevada county, J E Slater.
Rough and Ready, Nevada county, J T Little.
Sacramento, Sacramento county, F Forman.
Salinas, Monterey county, J B Hill.
Salmon Falls, El Dorado county, Thomas R Brown.
San Francisco, San Frncisco county, C L Weller.
San Diego, San Diego county, George Lyons.
San Juan, Monterey. P Brien.
San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, T J Harvey.
San Jose, Santa Clara county, F Cooper.
Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz county, H J Shaw.
Santa Rosa, Sonoma county, T G Hahmann.
San Ramon, Contra Costa county, Samuel Skidmore.
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara county, T W Harper.
San Rafael, Marin county, W Skidmore.
San Andresces, Calaveras county, C S Sweet.
San Pablo, Contra Costa county, A Bates.
San Gabriel, Los Angeles county, T Burdick.
Smith's Ranch, Sonoma county, Wm Smith.
Secret Ravine, Placer County, J Hart.
Shasta, Shasta county, J Harell.
Shaw's Flat, Tuolumne county.
Snelling's, Mariposa county, John Snelling.
Shingle Springs, El Dorado county, D T Hall.
Sonora, Tuolumne county, H A Theal.
Sonoma, Sonoma county, J N Randolph.
Staples' Ranch, San Joaquin county, John S Evans.
Steinberger's, San Francisco county, G Thacher.
Stockton, San Joaquin county, John S Evans.
Stringtown, Butte county, L D Coffin.
Spanish Flat, El Dorado county, Jas Muncey.
Suisun, Sonoma county, W S Kyle.
Sutter Creek, Calaveras county, D Crandall.
Tehama, Colusa county, N Hall.
Texas Hill, Sacramento, Jas Clarkin.
Third Crossing, Calaveras county, J A Tate.
Trinidad, Klamath county, E C Darling.
Trinity, Trinity county, C Lee.
Uniontown, Humboldt county, A H Murdoch.
Vacaville, Solano county.
Vernon, Sutter county, D Abdell.
Volcano, Calaveras county, Geo Muncton.
Washington, Yolo county, A Warring.
Watsonville, Santa Cruz county, L Thrift.
Weaverville, Trinity county, H B Davidson.
Woodside, San Francisco county, M A Parkhurst.
Woodville, Tulare county, O A Smith.
Yankee Jim's Placer county, C W King.
Yeomot, El Dorado county.
Yolo, Yolo county, J S Fulton.
Yreka, Siskiyou county, John Lintell.
Yuba City, Yuba county, L Bardolett.                              d27

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