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Listing of Eastern Express Companies March, 1897 - 1 of 3 Pages
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Listing of Eastern Express Companies, March, 1897 - 1 of 3 Pages
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March 1897.



By H. B. Phillips.

Local Address, P.O. Box 2113, San Francisco, Cal.

In the course of my researches into the history of the various Western Express Co's, I have chanced upon many interesting data relating to the Eastern Express Co's as well. While this department is properly restricted to a consideration of Western Expresses and their franks, it may not be out of place to here put on record in compact form a quantity of this data for the benefit of co-laborers and collectors in the Eastern field of frank and local collecting. I have not compared any of it with any published record in philatelic literature, it having all been obtained from extra philatelic sources. It will serve as an extra check, at least, and at the same timea friendly beaconto explorers in the fruitful fields of Eastern locals.

Wm. F. Harnden—begun February 1839—Boston and New York in the spring 1840, extended to Philadelphia in November 1840, took D. Brigham, Jr. as partner and started offices in England, France, Scotland, Ireland and Germany. Died Jan. 14, 1845.

Geo. Hatch & Co., Geo. O. Barlett—winter 1843-44, New York to Philadelphia, bought Harnden's and run for a few months.

Livingston & Co.'s New York Express—bought of Hernden after Hatch quit, about 1844, Johnston Livingston and William A. Livingston. Wm. A. sold out soon to Johnston, who ran it for several years.

Thompson, Livingston & Co.—successors about 1850 to Harnden & Co., Boston to New York. J. M. Thompson, Johnston Livigston, S. M. Shoemaker, E. S. Sanford and W. L. Winchester, July 1, 1854, consolidated with Adam's & Co.

Winchester & De Martin (1851)—New York to Savannah, ran a few months. Jame De Martin and W. L. Winchester, were succeeded by Livigston, Winchester & Co.

Livingston, Winchester & Co.—same as Winchester & De Martin with Johnston Livingston, extended to New Orleans, Mobile and Texas (was known as Harnden's Express). July 1, 1854 consoldated with Adams & Co.

Adams Express—started by Alvin Adams, successors to Burke & Co., in summer of 1840. Boston to New York, July 1, 1854, took in Harnden & Co., Thompson & Co., and Kingley & Co., and called Adams Express Company, with a capitol of $1,200,000.

Burke & Co. (May, 1840)—Alvin Adams and P. B. Burke ran a few months and were succeeded by Adams, Burke retiring.

Leonard's Worcester Express—Worcester to Boston in 1840.

Phillip's Hartford Express (Daniel Phillips) (Date? 1840-1850)

Stimson & Co.s' New Orleans and Mobile Express, started in 1850 by John K. and A. L. Stimson, sold out to Adams & Co.

Hoey & Co.—(Charleston Express). John Hoey and J. K. Stimson sold out to Adams & Co., before 1856

Kinsley & Co.s' Express—begun 1842, Boston to New York, James Gay, E. Littlefield, R. B. Kinsley. Also to Philadelphia. July 1, 1854, consolidated with Adams & Co.

Pomeroy & Co's —begun 1841—Albany to Buffalo. Geo. Pomeroy, Henry (Wells, Crawford Livingston, about 1843 succeeded by Livingston, Wells & Pomeroy.)

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