Map of the United States showing acquired territories.
The September 3, 1783 Treaty of Paris with Great Britain set the western border of the newly-independent United States of America at the Mississippi River.
Mails of the Westward Expansion, 1803 to 1861
The evolution of the transcontinental mail system of the United States from 1803 to 1861.
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Postal History Of The Colorado Territory
The vast area of the United States known as the Unorganized Territory was acquired at the time of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
Postal History Of The Colorado Territory
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Western Express Editions from 1950 to Today!
Western Express March 2018
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Remnants of the SS Winfield Scott


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Western Cover SocietyThe Western Cover Society studies the Postal History of the old west and publishes information in a quarterly journal called Western Express about Western Express covers, territorials, town cancellations, or anything pertaining to the mails of the old west.

Paid, Unpaid, Collect, and Free Markings on B.C. And V.I. Covers

This article attempts to list and analyze those often confusing British Columbia and Vancouver Island instructional markings.

By Dale Forster

This article was originally published in the Postal History Society Of Canada publication,
PHSC Journal, No. 107, (September 2001), pages 49-57.

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San Francisco Postmarks found on Hawaiian Mail. 1849-1867

Various postal markings used in the San Francisco Post Office (SFPO) which are found on mail originating from Hawaii

Written By: Rick Mingee

Note the usage dates shown in this presentation are for the device period in San Francisco and not a range of dates applicable only to Hawaiian mail.

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Stamp Shortages In The Cariboo Gold Country

The Cariboo gold mining region lies 200 miles northeast of New Westminster, the former capital of British Columbia (BC) and today a suburb of Vancouver.

By Steven C. Walske

The region itself stretches another 350 miles in a northeasterly direction from Lillooet to Williams Creek (near what is now Barkerville). This remote region of BC was opened by gold miners in 1859. By 1862, major gold strikes had been made along Williams Creek in the northern-most part of the Cariboo region.

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The Postal History of Mitchell, Dakota Territory

Mitchell was born of the railroad’s westward expansion. In 1879, two railroads were headed into Davison County: one from Yankton, Dakota Territory, and one from Sanborn, Iowa.

By Ken Stach

Railroad officials preferred directing the construction toward existing settlements; however, Firesteel (at the time, the county seat of Davison County) was deemed flood-prone. Several enterprizing businessmen quickly siezed the opportunity, platting a town some two miles west of Firesteel.

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