Notes By H. B. Phillips | Vol. 1 | Adams – Burns

//Notes By H. B. Phillips | Vol. 1 | Adams – Burns
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Notes By H. B. Phillips | Vol. 1 | Adams – Burn

H.B. Phillips | Vol. 1 | Adams – Burns

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HB Phillips/Victor Berthold Notes

In 2005, a blue binder was included with the Alfred Liechtenstein collateral material. This binder contained the notes from HB Phillips with additions by Victor Berthold for express companies letters A-B.

HB Phillips was a well known dealer who specialized in western postal history in the 1890s. During that time he published his “Philatelic Facts and Fallacies” which attempted to ascertain the authenticity of western covers. His notes were turned over to Victor Berthold, a well known collector of westerns who eventually sold his collection, books and notes to Alfred Liechtenstein.

These notes are extremely interesting and while not perfect, present a unique opportunity to see how collectors and dealers viewed items as either authentic or “created”.

I searched for years for letters C-Z. Unfortunately, the Liechtenstein collateral material yielded only the Express A-B book.

Additional materials from Liechtenstein, Berthold and Edgar Jessup will be uploaded as projects are completed. For those of you who are members of the Western Cover Society I thank you for your support. For those who are not, please consider joining as membership is $35 per year.

by Michael Perlman

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