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Listing of Eastern Express Companies,
March, 1897

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Listing of Eastern Express Companies, March, 1897

March 1897.

88                                                                               FILATELIC FACTS AND FALLACIES.


By H. B. Phillips.

Local Address, P.O. Box 2113, San Francisco, Cal.

In the course of my researches into the history of the various Western Express Co’s, I have chanced upon many interesting data relating to the Eastern Express Co’s as well. While this department is properly restricted to a consideration of Western Expresses and their franks, it may not be out of place to here put on record in compact form a quantity of this data for the benefit of co-laborers and collectors in the Eastern field of frank and local collecting. I have not compared any of it with any published record in philatelic literature, it having all been obtained from extra philatelic sources. It will serve as an extra check, at least, and at the same timea friendly beaconto explorers in the fruitful fields of Eastern locals.

Wm. F. Harnden—begun February 1839—Boston and New York in the spring 1840, extended to Philadelphia in November 1840, took D. Brigham, Jr. as partner and started offices in England, France, Scotland, Ireland and Germany. Died Jan. 14, 1845.

Geo. Hatch & Co., Geo. O. Barlett—winter 1843-44, New York to Philadelphia, bought Harnden’s and run for a few months.

Livingston & Co.’s New York Express—bought of Hernden after Hatch quit, about 1844, Johnston Livingston and William A. Livingston. Wm. A. sold out soon to Johnston, who ran it for several years.

Thompson, Livingston & Co.—successors about 1850 to Harnden & Co., Boston to New York. J. M. Thompson, Johnston Livigston, S. M. Shoemaker, E. S. Sanford and W. L. Winchester, July 1, 1854, consolidated with Adam’s & Co.

Winchester & De Martin (1851)—New York to Savannah, ran a few months. Jame De Martin and W. L. Winchester, were succeeded by Livigston, Winchester & Co.

Livingston, Winchester & Co.—same as Winchester & De Martin with Johnston Livingston, extended to New Orleans, Mobile and Texas (was known as Harnden’s Express). July 1, 1854 consoldated with Adams & Co.

Adams Express—started by Alvin Adams, successors to Burke & Co., in summer of 1840. Boston to New York, July 1, 1854, took in Harnden & Co., Thompson & Co., and Kingley & Co., and called Adams Express Company, with a capitol of $1,200,000.

Burke & Co. (May, 1840)—Alvin Adams and P. B. Burke ran a few months and were succeeded by Adams, Burke retiring.

Leonard’s Worcester Express—Worcester to Boston in 1840.

Phillip’s Hartford Express (Daniel Phillips) (Date? 1840-1850)

Stimson & Co.s’ New Orleans and Mobile Express, started in 1850 by John K. and A. L. Stimson, sold out to Adams & Co.

Hoey & Co.—(Charleston Express). John Hoey and J. K. Stimson sold out to Adams & Co., before 1856

Kinsley & Co.s’ Express—begun 1842, Boston to New York, James Gay, E. Littlefield, R. B. Kinsley. Also to Philadelphia. July 1, 1854, consolidated with Adams & Co.

Pomeroy & Co’s —begun 1841—Albany to Buffalo. Geo. Pomeroy, Henry (Wells, Crawford Livingston, about 1843 succeeded by Livingston, Wells & Pomeroy.)

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(Pomeroy & Co’s —begun 1841—Albany to Buffalo. Geo. Pomeroy, Henry) Wells, Crawford Livingston, about 1843 succeeded by Livingston, Wells & Pomeroy.

Pullen & Copp—about 1854—New York, Albany and North via Troy—about 1845 it became Pullen & Co., Copp selling out to E. L. Stone.

Livingston, Wells & Pomeroy—about 1843—succeeded to Pomeroy & Co.

Livingston, Wells & Co.—succeeded Lidingston, Wells & Pomeroy when Pomeroy retired. Run until fall of 1847. Livingston died and thn it was Wells & Co.

Bailey & Howard—begun in 1843. New York to Albany; only run a few weeks.

Bailey & Jacobs—soon followed Bailey & Howard, but only made one trip.

Wells & Co.—began April, 1845. Called “Western Express”. Henry Wells, Wm. G. Fargo and Dan Dunning. Buffalo west to Chicago.

James W. Hale—Letter Express. Begun ——? Boston to New York and to Bangor, Maine.

Livingston & Fargo, 1846—bought out Western business of Livingston, Wells & Co., Henry Wells retiring in 1850. Consolidated with Wells & Co. and Butterfield, Wassen & Co.

Henry & Co.’s Express—begun 1846, between Albany and Buffalo. Ran only a few trips.

Green & Co.’s Express—began after Henry & Co,; same route; run six months.

Wells & Co. (1847)—same firm as Livingston, Wells & Co. (after Livingston died, 1848) took in partners, Johnston Livingston and Edward C. Winslow; 1850, consolidated with Livingston and Fargo and Butterfield, Wasson & Co.

Butterfield, Wasson & Co.—begum 1848, Albany to Buffalo. John Butterfield consolidated with Livingston and Fargo and Wells & Co. 1850.

Wells, Butterfield & Co —1850 the American Express Co., consolidation of Butterfield, Wasson & Co., Wells & Co. and Livingston & Fargo.

American Express Co. 1850—(see next above for combination).

Lake Superior Express, 1860—Charles Fargo, Prop. at Detroit.

Wells, Fargo & Co.—begun 1852—New York to California. Henry Wells and William Fargo.

United States Express Co. begun 1854; Chas. Backus, Hamilton Spencer and Henry Dwight consolidated with the American Express Co. in 18(?)4.

Pullen & Co.—18(?)5 successors to Pullen & Copp, soon consolidated with Virgil & Rice.

Virgil & Howard—began 1844—Albany to Montreal, E. H. Virgil and N. G. Howard.

Virgil & Rice—1844, same as Virgil & Howard—Howard selling out to H. F. Rice, soon consolidated with Pullen & Co.

Pullen, Virgil & Co.’s Express—1845, composed of Pullen & Co. and Virgil & Rice, consolidated 1855 with Johnson & Co.

Johnson & Co.—begun 1854, Albany to Canada, Robt. M. Johnson, Wm. A. Livingston, W. E. Hys, 1855, a consolidated with Pullen, Virgil & Co.

National Express Co.—begun 1855, a combination of Pullen, Virgil & Co. and Johnson & Co.

Thompson & Co.—bought of Harnden 1844, Boston to Albany. J. M. Thompson started 1844, Springfield to Hartford also Springfield to Brattleboro, Vt.

R. L. Johnson—started 1847 between Albany and Troy, run until spring of 1853, sold out to Thompson & Co.

Carpenter & Co.—begun about 1847, between Boston and Augusta, Me. Consolidated into Eastern Express Co., 1857, C. S. Carpenter.

Winslow & Co.—1850, succeeded Longley & Co. between Boston and Waterville, Me. 1857, consolidated into Eastern Express, J. N. Winslow.

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Longley & Co.—1850 sold out to Winslow & Co. Boston to Portland and Waterville Me.

Hodgman & Co.—before 1850, Boston and Kennebeck River, Me. F. H. Hodgman succeeded by Hodgman, Carr & Co.

Hodgman, Carr & Co.—F. W. Carr in addition to Hodgman & Co., consolidated 1850 with Eastern Express Co.

Eastern Express Co.—begun May, 1850. Joint stock company made by consolidating Carpenter & Co., Winslow & Co., and Hodgman, Carr & Co.

United States Express Co. (no. 2) began 1854. New York to wetst via Buffalo.

N. Y. and Erie R. R. Co. Express—1855 to August 1, 1858, when sold out to United States Express Co.

Livigston, Howard & Co.—1844-45—Pottsville and Reading Express, N. G. Howard, R. F. Weaver, in a few years was succeeded by Howard, Earl & Co.

Howard, Earl & Co.—same as Livingston, Howard & Co. with E. W. Eartl, later in 1854 became Howard & Co.

Howard & Co.—same as Howard, Earl & Co. Earl Sold out January 1854. also Howard & Co.’s Eastern Express. Howard died in 1859.

Howard Express Co.—another institution, office in Philadephia about 1858-9.

Edwards, Sanford & Co.’s European Express—begun 1852-3, in 1855 combined with Livingston, Wells & Co. as American-European Express.

American-European Express—combination of Edwards, Sanford & Co.’s European Express 1855.

H. S. Lansing & Co.—continuation of American-European later than 1855.

Baldwin & Son—continuation of H. S. Lansing & Co.

W. Williams & Co.’s European Express—begun 1854. Boston.

Globe Express—begun May 1, 1859, as European Express—owner L. W. Morris.

Jones’ New Orleans and Texas Express—begun 1858. Starr & Lones, Proprietors. New Orleans to Galveston.

Earle Express Co. —Boston and Providence, B. D. and L. B. Earle (in the 40’s).

Osgood Express—Providence and Worcester (J. H. Osgood).

Hatch, Gray & Co —begun 1840, Boston to New Bedford, by Col. A. D. Hatch.

Hatch & Co.—continuation of Hatch, Gray & Co. (1843).

Bigelow’s Express—begun 1848, sold out March 1, 1851, to Fiske & Co. (L. Bigelow) Boston to Fitchburg.

Fiske & Rice’s Express—continuation of Bigelow’s Express, run until November 30, 1854

Fiske & Co.—continuation of Fiske & Rice.

Fuller’s Express—Boston to Worcester in the 40’s.

Cheney & Co.’s Express—Boston to Vermont and New Hampshire in the 40’s.

Hope Express—New Jersey, Deleware and Pennsylvania in the 40’s.

Brees & Co.’s Express—begun 1855. New York and New Jersey. Bailey Brees.

Wescott Express—begun 1851. Robt. F. Wescott, New York City. Afterwards became Manhattan Express Co. (1858).

Manhattan Express Co.—continuation of Wescott & Co.

Intercolonial Express Co. —New Brunswick.