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Western Franks and Hand Stamps

Western Franks and Hand Stamps


The Argonants of the Days of 1849. —

The term Western Frank is understood to mean the Frank used by private letter carrying concerns, operated entirely or in parts West of the Rocky Mountains, including Brit. Columbia & Mexico, with branches extending to China, Australia and the Hawaiian Islands.
Franks are divisible into 1—handstamped 2—typeset or engraved 3—adhesive
This publication deals only with the first two.

Overland telegr. line was completed on Oct. 26, 1861.

Firm U.S. Express between Boston & New York. Wm. F. Harnden. Born in Reading Mass. in 1812 established the (???) express in Feb’y 1839 (died Jan’y 14, 1845.) Extended express to Thila in Nov. 1840, took D. Brigham Jr. as partner and started offices in England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Germany.
Geo Hatch & Co, Geo O. Bartlett — winter 1843-4 N. Y. to Thila — bought Harnden’s and run for a few month     H. B. Ph. March. 1897
First expr. between San Fr. and Independence, Mo was started Apr 1, 1848 as is proven by a chronicle contained in The Annals of San Francisco fm 1848
The name of the exp. was “California Stan Express” and the passage was graranteed to be accomplished in 60 days (???) for a single letter was 50 cts.
Note that this exp ren before California was formally ceded to the U.S.