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Adams Express – Notes on Express

Adams Express – Notes on Express


Adams Expr. p. Alvin Ad. p.4 1840 B. 1849 Wm. T. Ballou

A.A and P.B. Burke form Burke & Co p. 4

After a few months B. retired.
Wm. B. Dinsmore adm. as partner 1842
Chas Haskell amoc. with Adams 1843
Expressline N.Y. to Albany via Hudson River
Henry Wells Agt at Albany 1841. Left the following winter. p. 6

Berford & Co. Alta. July 26, 1850 p. 14

Stimson History of Ex Cos states “In 1849 a new order of express service was destined to spring up. Daniel Hale Hashell. p. 16 Went out to S. Fr on steamer on September 1849 to act as partner in the proposed business (St p. 110)
Arrived at S. Fr. Oct. 31, 1849
In Nov. 1849 H. built a shanty on Montgomery St. p. 16.
This reported by T. R. Hawley.
1st Adv. of Adams in Alta Nov. 8, 1849.
The business was at first carrying gold dust and selling bills of exchange. see p. 17.
John M. Freeman was driver for Alvin Adam’s in the spring of 1844.
Probably came to Cal. in 1850. Was hired by Haskell at a salary of $600 per month. Stimson A.L. H. of the Expr. Cos. p.110.
During 1849-50 Exp. Cos having Atlantic Steamship connections were
Adams & Co 2. Gregory & Co 3. Havens & Co 4 Livingston Wells & Co’s U.S. & Calif. Express 5. Indepentent Mail Co of Pacific States and California 6. Dodge & Co 7
p. 18. Alta Jan’y 7.50: Ad & Co absorbed several minor houses, rapidly increased its interoceanic business by establishing branches in every promising town and camp with assaying and banking departments until it stood indisputably supreme with yearly profits exceedg half a million dollars
p.20 In Dec. 1851 A & Co had offices in S Fr, Sacram, Marysville, Nevada City, Stockton & Moquelumne Hill.
p.30. About Feb. 27, 1853 as a result of the Gold Discovery in Australia, A & Co established an office in that country.