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Adams Express – Notes on Express

Adams Express – Notes on Express

p.37. In Feb’y 1855 Ad & Co established their offices in S. Lake City with Felix Tracy as Agent. The route of this express was from S. Fr. to Los Angeles by Boat then by stage over the same route traveled by the present Un. (???) R’y, passing San Barnardino, Las Vegas, Cedar City, American Fork, Nephi, Tarowan, Fillmore City, Salt Creek Payson’s, Palmyra, Spanish Fork, Springfield, Provo, Battle Creek, Dry Creek, Great Salt Lake, Farmington, Ogden and Box Elder. (Alta Feb’y 16, 1855 and Dec. 31, 1855.
Jan’y 16, 1854 the name of Ad & Co was not (???) as a gold shipper.
Alta Jan’y 18, 1854 reports a run on the bank of Ad & Co.
Feb’y 22, 1855 Announcment of the failure of Ad & Co.

When the Ad. Exp. Co was reorganized in 1854 Mr (???) and Adams severed their connection with the Pacif Coast branch. In fact they had no (???) connection with the S. Fr. from which had passed into the management of I. C. Woods