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Alta Express, Notes On Company

Alta Express, Notes On Company

1858² 1853

Sold out to W. F & Co Nov. 10, 1858.

From S. Fr. Directory for 1858:
Main office at S. Fr. – Lines to interior towns of California only. Daily Express to all the principal cities and towns of California, connecting with Nichols, Cresent City and Oregon Express, also with Freeman & Co’s Atlantic, European and South American Express.

C. L. Farrington – S. Francisco
N. M. Ford –          ”         ”                      } Proprietors (1858)
Alex . Baalam Jr. – Sacramento

Alta City is situated in Placer County, Cal.

The Daily Butte Record
publ. in Oroville.

Vol. 2, Oroville Feb’ 1, 1858 #168
Adv. Alta Express Co.

Daily Express to S. Fr. Sacram. Marysville, Shasta, (???), Georgetown, Negro Hill, Greenwood (dates to 1848), Nevada City, Jackson, Folsom, Mokelumne Hill, Diamond Springs, Mormon Island, Comptonville, Grass Valley, Downieville, South Creek, Clarksville, Lone Valley, Stockton, El Dorado, Sonora, Columbus, Coloma, Shaw’s Flat ((see Jamestown)(1849)), Springfield, Jamestown (Amer. Camp of 1849), Volcano (Amado Cy.), Tutletown (1848-9), also connecting in

Marysville with

Everts, Wilson & Co, Langton Pioneer, Whiting & Co’s, Feather River and Yuba Expresses also connecting with
Freeman & Co’s Atlantic & European Exp. and
Nichols & Co’s Cresent City & Oregon Express
Oroville Office – St Nicholas Hotel Blg – Mongomery St.

Dec. 12, 1857 – Geo. H. Leland Agt.