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Angle & Co. Express, Notes On Express

Angle & Co. Express, Notes On Express

Comp. Freeman.
Angle Young & Co.

May 1850

“This concern carried letters and gold dust between Sacramento and San Francisco; Justus Spear, Proprietor, began business May 18, 1850 Available in 1849 and had an office at San Francisco with Messrs. Fitts & Tilden.”

(H.B.P. ‘F.F.F.’ Sept. 1894)

“it appears that on July 1, 1850, Angle & Co. were bought out by Hawley & Co. at the same date the latter firm being joined by Mr. J.M. Freeman.” The name was then changed to Freeman & Co. Express sometime during 1851 when the partner of that name bought the whole business.

(E.L. Pemberton. ‘Stamp Col.Mag. Vol. X 1872, p.127)

Mr. Pemberton also states that T.Spear was owner of Angle & Co.’s Express in May,1850.

             We have no franks, writes Pemberton, of either Angle or Hawley.
Note: This Express is reported as having not used a handstamp.

Alta. Jan’y 7, 1850: We have to return acknowledgments for the prompt delivery of parcels to the (???) Hawley & Co and Angel Young & Co who both run an express between Sacramento and San Francisco. We learn from the Placer Times that Angel Young & Co have purchased the exclusive right to take letters and packages to and from San Franc. on board that prompt boat “Senator

Bancroff History of California VII. p.131
Speaking of the first boats to reach Sacramento Baner writes:
The pioneer was the Saska in 1847 wrecked within a few weeks. Next the Washington (???) in Aug 1849 at Benicta which (???) a (???) (???) after a few trips below and above Sacramento. She was followed by the Sacramento also plying on the river of that name to the head of the steamboat navigation, until the appearance in October of the large Steamers Mckim and SENATOR which absorbed this passenger traffic and drove inferior boats of the now fast growing fleet to minor routes within the bay, and the light – dranght ones up the river and into the American the Feather and the Yuba. The head of navigation on the Sacramento was rapidly extended to Colusa.