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Barnard’s Express, Notes On Express

Barnard’s Express, Notes On Express

Ballou & Co: Were suceeded by Dietz & Nelson. This (???) (???), after running for some time in connection with Barnard & Co (F. L. Barnard) was finally bought out by that concern. In 1872 Barnard & Co. sold out to Wells, Fargo & Co.

“The routes controlled by these expresses seems to have extended throughout the British Columbian settlements; and in various advertisements, I find mention of offices at Big Bend (Columbia River) Carriboo, and the Northern Mines, Yale, Litton, Lillovet, Arnton, Savonia Ferry, Quesnelle, or Quesnellemouth, Barkersville, Sey (???) and French Creek. Dietz & Nelson connected with W. F. & Co.” C. H. Costa (???) 1877