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Bennett, J. F. & Co.,
Note On Express

Bennett, J. F. & Co., Note On Express


SOUTHERN OVERLAND MAIL & EXPRESS LINE. Established about January 1, 1869 a line from Tucson (Arizona) to Santa Fé (New Mexico). In December,1871, they connected at Santa Fé with the Southern Overland Mail & Express Co. for the East and also with Denver and the Santa Fé Co. for the north.

Note 1: C. H. Coster, Ed, 1877: “I extract the following from a letter from the agent of the company, dated Las Cruces,N.M. Dec.8,1871:
“Our Express line has existed for three years, and does business from Tucson,Arizonia, to Santa Fé,New Mexico. From Santa Fé, east the Southern Overland Mail and Express line takes the business; and the Denver and Santa Fé line,north. From Tucson west, John G. Capron carries the mail, but there is no Express line running in any direction from that place.”

Printed Frank. Inscription in a transverse oval; “J.F.BENNETT & CO’S S.O. M.& EX LINE BETWEEN SANTA FE; N.M., EL PASO, TEX. AND TUCSON, AR. PRINCIPAL OFFICE,LAS CRUCES N.M.” Frank in upper left corner.

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