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Bower’s Express,
Notes On Express

Bower’s Express, Notes On Express


Started in July, 1851; route between Sacramento and Nevada City, Cal.; connected with Freeman & Co. at Sacramento.

July 15, 1920

Editors Mekeel’s Stamp News,



(Supplementing your editorial note in re-that Western Frank entitled) “Bowers Express.”

In 1851 Bowers & Co. operated an Express between Nevada City, Cal and Sacramento, Cal.; connecting at the latter city with Freeman & Co’s Express. They Carried letters, gold dust and transacted a
general express business.

Nevada City was within the gold digging section and the letter which you describe evidently had its origin at or near Nevada City; delivered by Bowers & Co. at Sacramento to Freeman & Co. and by
the latter express carried to San Francisco and there deposited in the U.S. Mail for carriage to destination in the East, the Govt. rate at that time being 40¢ per half ounce to and from the Pacific

Very truly yours,

W. R. Tarber in June 1927 states that he had seen in printed ads, that bowers operated as early as April 12, 1850. ok.

Bancroft Hist. of Cal. Vol VII. p. 150 Period 1849-50

”        Palmer & Co. (?) Freeman & Co. on the Sacramento Rock, and

Bowers Bros had the Nevada City line.