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Brown’s Express,
Notes and Envelope

Brown’s Express, Notes and Envelope
Wallace quotes Brown & Co’s Express – p. 53 24B
III.      BROWN’S EXPRESS (see Todd) Wallace Oct. 5, 1851


The first notice of this concern is found in the STOCKTON TIMES of Aug.20, 1851;      “BROWN EXPRESS to Murphys, Angels, ect. connects at Stockton with
Todd & Co’s Express.”      A full advertisement of the concern appeared in the same paper July 25, 1852.


Competitor of Todd and Reynolds.

Ran from Stockton to Murphy’s Camp with a connection into Sonoma

Hunter & Co Feb’y 5, 1857


See Reynold’s & Co’s

Exp #186.

Stockton (???)

June 11, 1853

Notice from advert. of Brown’s Express (???) his death



Notice of the untimely death of W.A.Brown, the proprietor of Brown’s Express is found in the same paper, April 2 to 9,1853.

“Brown shot. W.A.Brown, Prop.Brown’s Express
shot by William L.Bowlin.$3057.00 Reward immediately offered for capture.” (Apr.2,1853)Brown dead. $7600.00 Reward offered for slayer.” (Apr.6,1853)

“Slayer found at Mormon Bar, and threw down his arms, drank a large dose of prussic acid, and died in a few minutes.” (Apr.9,1853)

Line was taken over by Adams & Co until Feby 1855

Double line oval, 26 x 50 m, with inscription in three lines: BROWN’S; EXPRESS; MURPHYS

Color green

(In the Directory of the Wells Fargo & Co Express of 1877 there are two places mentioned under MURPHYS, one in Calavera Co.Cal., and the other in Santa Clara Co., Cal.)


Grenn on ordinary buff envelope, showing only “MURPH”.