WESTPEX 2017 General Meeting & Presentation

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WESTPEX 2017 General Meeting & Presentation

2017 WESTPEX 50th Anniversary Summer of Love

Annual Event

Western Philatelic Exhibition

San Francisco, California
San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel
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April 28th – 30th, 2017

General Meeting & Presentation

Saturday, April 29th 10:00 AM
Location: Irvine Room

—————- Speaker —————-

Ryan Baum
Western Cover Society

—————- Presentation Topic —————-




Western Postal History.Feature:
Postal History and the Development of Yosemite High Country Access

—————- Summary —————-

For a two year period in the 1880s, remote Bennettville had California’s highest post office at near 10,000 feet in elevation. Although the town and its purpose was to serve the needs of the Tioga Mining district, it spawned the development of a wagon road that became the basis for access to Yosemite’s high country, a benefit which we all enjoy to this day. At nearly the same point when American Frontier was closing, Bennettville represented the closing of the frontier of the eastern slope of the Sierra. This presentation will cover the history of the Bennettville, its financial backers, its post office, the development of a new trans-Sierra road to reduce supply costs, and its enduring contribution. Postal covers, maps, and photos of the Bennettville town site will bring to life the excitement of California’s highest and most isolated mining boom.

—————- Outline —————-

Development of Yosemite High Country Access

  1. Orientation of Location — Mono County, Remote
  2. Early Mining Strikes in lower Eastern Sierra — Mammoth
  3. Bennettville and Lundy: Great Sierra Consolidated Silver Co.
    1. Original Find
    2. Eastern Capital
    3. Highest post office in US
    4. Periodic Reports — Source of Postal History
  4. Original Supply Route: Reno–Bodie–Lundy–Bennettville
  5. Desire for New Route from railhead on western slope
  6. Great Sierra Wagon Road for mine — Tioga Road Concept and Design
  7. Maintenance of Toll Road
  8. Purchase of road and donation to YNP
  9. Sierra Great Loop Touring in 1920s
  10. Modern CA-120 highest mountain pass in California–site of my engagement
  11. Who knew it all started with mining and postal history!



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